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Frequently Asked

Do you only shoot for Canberra businesses?
We love to shoot around Canberra and support local businesses, but in fact we have been contracted to shoot nationally and worldwide. We’ll work with you to keep travel costs to a minimum without sacrificing the quality result you should expect.
I need staff headshots; can you do them in our office?
Absolutely! We have a portable studio set-up for on-location shooting. Usually a conference room is enough space for us to work in, but we can tailor a set-up to suit your space and feel. In addition, shooting in your workplace is the most cost-effective way to get a large volume of staff done without having them away from their duties for too long.
How long does it take to shoot products?
This all depends on the type of products you have and whether you are after a simple shot on plain background, or something more stylised with props and creative lighting. We can give you an obligation free quote if you have some retail products you need images for print or online use.
What payment options do you have?
We accept direct deposit, or credit card payments via PayPal. Generally, small shoots like headshots require payment upfront to confirm the booking. Jobs that require a larger investment in time and staff, such as video shoots, may require a deposit to confirm the shoot with the balance due upon delivery of the final product(s).
How do I get my images/videos?
We use Dropbox as a file transfer service to deliver your videos/images. If you have an event you would like shot, eg. a charity ball; we also have an event specific website where you can share the link with your attendees or media and they can download preview & download what they wish.
How long does it take to make a website video for my business?
Creating a professional & effective video does require a bit of prep time at the start (briefing, scripting, arranging time(s) and locations for the shoot), but once that’s squared away it can all happen fairly quickly. We do our very best to work to your deadlines, and of course, it’s all dependent on what your video needs are.